Friday, January 9, 2015

2015 is here and its time to rock it!!!

I know I have not be the best Mary Kay beauty blogger but with all the life that has happened in the last year I am going to give myself the okay and move on! So now it is time to get back at it! Here is today's Pinspiration and my look!
I though this one was really great! I wouldn't have put those colors together on my own.

Doing it step by step like they did in their picture I did Amber Blaze in the crease, Coal in the outer V, Iris in the center lid, Sparkling White in the inner corner, and then Coal again on the lower lashes. I used my favorite Black Gel Liner for the top lash line and the inside. Finishing it off with Ultimate Mascara.

This year I really want to showcase what Mary Kay has to offer with our color cosmetics and will be trying to be even more bolder with fun, funky makeup looks!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer look #3

Sorry for the blurry picture... I didn't notice it till now but you can still see the look :)

Now this look I got from our summer Look Book. At first I saw it and thought there is no way that is going to look good on me. But it is my job so I figured I would try it and now it is my go to look when I need to be quick yet still "Miss Mary Kay". Best part is it's so inexpensive!!! It's all Mary Kay At Play products so total of my look is $45! That eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and lips! And remember as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant I only pay half so it's even more awesome for us!

Anyway I started with the At Play eyeshadow On The Horizon. The lightest color went all over my eye. The pick was in my crease. And the darkest as the accent. Then the Bold Fluid Eyeliner The Real Teal (my favorite go to of course) and always to finish the look the Ultimate Mascara. Then  on my lips is the new Triple Layer Tinted Balm in Orange You Lovely. I didn't think I would like that color on my but it comes out a pretty coral for me. Just adds a little bit of color.

The Mary Kay At Play collection has so much to offer at such an inexpensive price! If you are trying to figure it all out, try it with these products  and you will surely be happy!

Stay beautiful Divas!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer look #2

This is a fun yet still natural look for summer. Playing with a few of the new colors here. 

So I started with the eyeshadow Gold Coast all over my eye. Then Driftwood in the crease and Rosegold as the accent. Those 3 colors are my new everyday natural look. Just change up the eyeliner and it's a whole new look. This one I used the new Mary Kay At Play Bold Fluid Eyeliner The Real Teal on top and Gold Metal on the bottom. 

Like always you know I love my Ultimate Mascara. And my new favorite everyday lipstick is True Dimensions First Blush

Don't forget to check out great deal on my FB page too!

Stay Fabulous Divas!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer look #1

 Now can I just say... Everyone needs a little Sassy Fuchsia in their lives!!! This lipstick is so HOT for summer! I just can't get enough of it.

Okay on at note, let's get to the eyes. I started with one of my favorite eyeshadow Shimmering Lilac. I love this color because I can seriously put just that on and some mascara and feel glam. But I added a little Iris as an accent with this because I really wanted to rock the purple. So I finished the look with our new Bold Liquid Eyelines from our At Play collection called Hello Violet

With almost every look I line the inside with the fabulous Black Gel Eyeliner and wear my favorite Ultimate mascara. And brighten up the cheeks with Bronzing powder light-medium.

Just to warn you all I am having way too much fun playing with these colors so their may be many looks to come this summer! :)

Stay fabulous Divas!

Friday, May 16, 2014

New summer product!!!

I absolutely love my job when we have so much fun summer product come out! So here it all is!
True dimensions lipsticks are my all time favorite! I am not a big lipstick girl bc I never like the feel but these feel amazing and my color stays on pretty well. I only re-apply after I eat or drink. And out of all the new colors Sassy Fushia is my favorite! Such an exciting color for summer. Also for the month of May they are all buy 1 get 1 50% off on my site :) use Promo code MOM

Our new eyeshadows are pretty neutral. Which I like bc the lip colors are so vibrant so I can match them up pretty well. My favorite so far is Rosegold. I can wear Ballerina Pink all over my eye and then Rosegold on my lid and crease and boom I'm done. Or I where another eyeshadow Gold Coast all over with Driftwood in the crease and Rosegold as my accent. Work perfect when I want to show off the bold liquid eyeliner I'll talk about next!

I don't even know where to begin! I love these new bold liquid eyeliners SO MUCH!!! I think I wear a different one everyday! And they are only $10 so you can't go wrong. But they are perfect for the pop of color this summer.
The tinted lip balms are really nice too. They have just a little bit of color but feel really color and hydrate your lips too. They even smell sweet :) my favorite is Atomic Red because it has the most color and for me summer is all about color.

Now this Toilette is part of our "Beauty that Counts" campaign this year. Every year we come out with a product that part of the profit will go to our Mary Kay Ash Foundation and help rise funds for grants to stop domestic violence and cancers that effect women. So every time we buy one of these Mary Kay will donate $2.50 back to the foundation! Pretty great! Smells lovely too!

And last but not least our fabulous Satin Hands set got a new scent! Honeydew! I just tell people about this scent and they have bought it. It's a great fresh scents and Satin Hands is such a great product to always have around the house just to pamper you a little bit. This one is also on sale this month on my site for only $30. Promo code MOM

So check it all out  here and look out for my fun looks using all of the new stuff :) 

Friday, April 18, 2014

My classic Hollywood look

So I am feeling like me again! I chopped off my hair and when I do I feel my inner Marilyn calling out so this look is for her!

First I start off by adding the sparkle! Glistening Gold goes all over the eye, from eyelashes to eye brows. Then Golden Vanilla on the eyelid (this color is being phased out but it's still good). And last Precious Pink in the crease. Of course I used Black Gel Liner and my favorite of all time Ultimate Mascara.

In the full picture I have the Light to Medium Bronzer and my go to cream cheek color Sheer Bliss. And all I have on my lips is our Satin lip balm after using our Satin lip mask to scrub them soft first (A must have!)

This has been a go to look for me lately because it's not too hard to do and it really makes my eyes pop. I feel very clean and classy :)

So enjoy Divas! And I would love to hear what you guys want to see me try! Please share with me you favorite makeup looks that you want to see re-done Mary Kay style and I will get on it :)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Slowly making it back! :)

Hello Beauty Divas! I know it has been WAY TOO LONG but hopefully, and I mean it this time, I will be able to share some of the fun things I have been trying with Mary Kay. Like this new CC cream. I have to admit I wasn't a fan to try it. I love my Timewise Matte Foundation but I know to be a good consultant I need to know about my product. So I have been trying it and now I love it! It is the perfect "Dash Out the Door" look! So here is mine
So I have on Mary Kay CC Cream Light-to-Med. ($20) Love how it still leaves me with a little glow in my skin. And you just pump a little on your hand and put it on like lotion! Love it!
Now my makeup I have on Shimmering Lilac ($7) all over my eyes. A little Black Gel Liner ($18) to make my eyes stand out just a bit more. Ultimate Mascara ($15), of course, to make those lashes pop. Our new Bronzing Powder Light-to-Medium ($18) to contour my face a bit. And True Dimensions Lipstick Pink Cherie ($18) because pink is just my signature color. 
How easy is that! And not for a whole lot of money either. Total would be $78 for a whole everyday look! Or as a beauty consultant I only paid $39 for it! Now that's a great reason I love my Mary Kay!